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My Coworkers Think I’m a Pro: Musings of an age group triathlete

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Brock Gibbs’ funny autobiographical account of his quest for a podium finish in an Ironman 70.3 World Championships is anything but a how-to guide on becoming a champion. Gibbs hilariously, and touchingly, weaves together stories of his own madman pursuits as he pushes himself to his limits: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

In a funny, self-deprecating way, the author describes what goes through his mind as he transforms from neophyte Ironman competitor to a seasoned 10th place finisher at the World Championship level.

Through the comical retellings of his experiences preparing for and competing in the swim, bike, and run elements of this gruelling endurance sport, Gibbs recounts his struggle to be the best in spite of his own personal suffering.

The author is a natural storyteller who uses humour to captivate his audience as he describes the brutally punishing road to becoming a World Champion in his age group, but just when his dream is within reach, Gibbs discovers a basic human truth that risks derailing it all.

All triathletes, from novice age-groupers to seasoned professionals, will be able to relate to the situations Gibbs comically recounts and will repeatedly find themselves saying, “Yeah, I’ve done that”.

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