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At La Maison De La Course you will find everything you need to enjoy the sport of running.  With more than 220 shoe models and 5000 participants in their running clinics, you will have an awesome, professional experience.  This is a running venture built by runners for runners.

Whether for pre-event preparation, post-event recovery or to manage an injury, Centre Kinesis’ therapists are ready to treat your every need.  They will address all aspects of your health whether they be physical, emotional, psychological or nutritional.

No matter your passion, get 360-degree training built around proper preparation, expert instruction and leading-edge recovery.  B52 is the destination for fitness fans who want more from their gym and from their life.

Conceived by Doyle W. Von Frankenstein, best known as the ex-guitarist for the legendary American punk rock band the MISFITS, and now lead guitarist for the band DOYLE, Vegan Monster’s mission is to showcase the most hardcore and highest quality Vegan Supplements to the world.  Vegan Monster is proudly a 100% vegan owned company.

With 10 years of coaching experience, Amy Walsh’s goal is to teach you foundational movement patterns and habits that will allow you to feel better in your body and maintain an active and healthy life for many years to come.

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